AI Separator Landed In Shanghai | Two Nets Intergration&Distributing Center Of Xupu District Is Up And Running


"Integration of two nets" refers to the effective connection and integrated development of urban sanitation system and renewable resource system, so as to break through the weak links of the two nets' effective collaborative development. Its purpose is to achieve the reduction and resource recovery after waste classification.

Shanghai Chengtou Environment | Suzhou JONO

The project of Shanghai Chengtou Environment Xupu automatic two nets integration and distribution Center, contracted by Suzhou JONO, is a new generation of intelligent processing mode integrating intelligent visual network collection and transportation, automatic intelligent fine sorting, automatic classification, baling and transportation, and intelligent identification and automatic storage in and out of warehouses.

Shanghai has taken the lead in the country's efforts to promote waste classification. In more than one year, it has made a series of measures from the aspects of source classification, logistics collection and transportation, terminal treatment, etc., and built a number of pilot projects, making an outstanding demonstration role for the nationwide promotion.

The construction site of this project is located in Shanghai Chengtou Xupu base, which is rebuilt and expanded by using the original transfer station. It is mainly used to deal with mixed plastic bottles, waste paper, foam baling waste, etc. which are roughly classified in recyclable waste.

The project is mainly divided into two floors. The first floor is the general integrated unit of the automatic intelligent fine sorting, automatic classification, baling and transportation system, and the second floor is the unit of intelligent identification and automatic storage in and out of warehouses.

This project treats: Mixed plastic bottles 10t/d, waste paper 50t/d and foam1.5t/d.

Plastic Bottle Sorting Line  Daily capacity : 10 ton

The daily capacity of plastic bottle sorting line among the three lines of this project is 10 tons. The mixed plastic bottles transported from every collection points are mainly sorted into transparent PET, variegated PET, white HDPE, variegated HDPE, and other plastic and membrane plastics through the sorting system.

Going through buffer area, switching system then into the baling system, different plastic bottles are baled into different bales, so as to achieve the classification and purification, improving the purity and value of final products.

 The main equipment used in production line includes :TOMRA photoelectric sorting machine, Suzhou JONO AI sorting machine, Full automatic intermittent material output  temporary storage, Wind sorting machine, Closed type puncture baler, etc.

Daily Capacity of Waste Paper Sorting Line: 50 tons

Purer waste paper transported from each collection and transportation point are baled directly with special separation facilities. Waste paper with impurities is put into the branch sorting line , which cooperated with a small number of personnel doing quality inspection before bale them,which increases the flexibility of production line and improves the purity and value of final product. 

The main equipment used are OCC screening machine,full automatic intermittent material output temporary storage silo, baler, etc.

Daily Capacity of Foam Crushing &Cold Pressing Line : 1.5 tons

Daily capacity of foam crushing &cold pressing line is 1.5 tons (200-300kg/h).

Foam transported from each collection & transportation points are compressed by crushing, wind transport and extrusion, which eliminates the environmental pollution caused by the conventional foam hot melt compression scheme and reduces the cost of transportation.

Intelligent Unmanned Warehouse

 The final products of two independent production lines(plastic line and waste paper line) can be automatically and orderly delivered to the intelligent unmanned warehouse on the second floor. Second floor is equipped with automatic trommel line and automatic steering device for bales. Through various instruments participating in PLC program control, the function of automatic queuing was realized, avoiding mutual interference between bales.

Through the automatic lifting system, bales go to the intelligent unmanned warehouse on the second floor. AGV vehicle realizes the identification and classification of materials through the bar code on the bales, and automatically classifies the materials into and out of the warehouse.

At present, the Shanghai Chengtou Environment Xupu automatic two nets integration and distribution center project, which was contracted by Suzhou JONO,has entered the stage of trial operation acceptance.

As the builder of first batch domestic recyclable waste automatic intelligent system application pilot project, we want to be able to contribute our strength for intelligent sanitation technology. We are also willing to listen to the opinions and advice from all sides with an open mind to create a new, sustainable, new generation intelligent processing mode under the national policy of waste sorting. 


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